Gourmet BBQ Protein Option’s

We Serve

Wagyu beef burger patties..
Pork strip loin ribs with sticky chipotle sauce ..
Teriyaki beef with onion, cashews, capsicum & sesame seed!
Chicken steaks with lemon myrtle/Chilli/coconut rub!

Tandoori chicken steaks or fillets with mint yoghurt chutney..
Caledonian chicken sausages with thyme, homemade thick style, natural skin!

Vegetable barbeskews with mushroom/zucchini/capsicum with mustard & lemon zest marinade (veg. Add $1.50pg) (V)
Salmon steaks with tomato vinaigrette/shredded coconut & garlic shortbread ($2.50pg)

Pork loin chops with apple sauce & snow pea sprouts..
Prawn/chicken & grated haloumi barbeskews with sweet chilli dressing..
Grilled vegetable burgers with three mustard & chickpea salsa (V)
Premium rump/scotch fillet steaks with moroccan spices
Thick style beef sausages, homemade & natural skin..

Kangaroo fillets with wildfire spices & bush tomato relish!
Spiced Lamb loin chops ‘thick cut’..


Gourmet BBQ Salad Option’s

Self Serve

Couscous with tabouli, shaved almonds & chickpea
Traditional Caesar salad with baby coz, boiled egg, crispy bacon, shaved pecorino, chunky croutons and tangy dressing

Classic Mediterranean with smoked olives/white onion/teardrop tomatoes/cucumber/feta & tarragon vinaigrette
Smoked beetroot with walnut/feta/fried shallots and sweet pickle mustard dressing

Thaislaw with thin sliced white/red cabbage/capsicum/Spanish onion & julienne carrot with sweet chilli/thai mayo
Potato salad with cashews (optional) spring onion/english spinach & seeded mustard dressing

Rainbow salad with julienne broccoli stem/carrot/capsicum with bush tomato mayo!
Curried rice with edamame beans, diced peppers & flaked almonds

Diced tomato, boccocini/basil and roasted garlic vinaigrette
Tabouli with parsley/diced tomato/tomato/burghul and mint



Based on 30 guests min.


Choose (5) $35 (max. 3 meats)   Choose (6) $40 (max. 3 meats)

 Choose (7) $45 (max. 4 meats)   Choose (8) $50 (max. 4 meats)   Choose (9) $55 (max. 5 meats)


Choices from any of the Gourmet BBQ selection’s


Quantity Guide: Corporate Events & Luncheons 4-6 items Birthday’s, Weddings and Dinners 7-9 items

Bread rolls, condiments, quality napkins, serve ware & cutlery included

Gourmet Cheesecake  Option’s (add $10 per guest)

Blueberry Brulee   –   Strawberry Cheesecake   –   Lemon/lime cheesecake

Passionfruit cheesecake   –   Cappuccino Cheesecake      Raspberry New York Cheesecake  

Add $8 per guest to include cheesecake options (choose two)


Budget BBQ Options Option’s

Protein Options

 beef sausages –  chicken sausages – marinated beef steaks –

marinated chicken steaks – lamb chops with mint/rosemary rub

Salad Options

Traditional coleslaw – classic potato – garden salad – sweet’n’sour spirali pasta – beetroot salad

Based on 30 guests min.

Choose (4) $20  (max. 2 meats)       Choose (5) $25  (max 3 meats)       Choose (6) $30 (max. 3 meats)

Quality Napkins, serve ware, sauces, bread rolls & cutlery included

Budget bbq Note: Prices are based on a ‘drop-off only basis. Service staff are not included and are charged at $25 per hour. One (1) staff member per 30 guests. Quality disposable food trays are used however, regular steel cutlery is included. All foods are transported/contained within our food specific camtainer’s.



Gourmet BBQ Notes: All Proteins/meats and salads are served using our cambro food safe technology containers. Add $5 per guest if buffet style service required. Prices include one (1) chef/(1)kitchen staff required to service the menu for up to 3 hours onsite. Extra service staff are not included and are charged at $25 per hour for a minimum three (3) hours only with service time fee(s) beyond this being negotiable. One (1) staff member per 30 guests. Wherever speeches/presentations apply, a 30min window is also allowed. Equipment hire is not included but can be arranged. Choose Two (2) Cocktail food’s OR one (1) Platter choice OR two (2) cheesecake portions at $10 extra per guest if accompanied with gourmet bbq menu. Cuttlery included with cheesecake portions (spork’s)