Wood Fire Piadina Pizza 9”

Regular Menu

Margarita with sliced tomato, mozzarella, fresh basil and olive oil.
Vegetarian: With roasted pumpkin, marinated eggplant, peppers, artichokes, basil pesto and feta.
Caesar with chicken, bacon, egg, anchovies and caesar dressing.
Mexican: With taco sauce, jalapeno’s, ground beef, avocado and sour cream.
BBQ chicken with marinated chicken, chipotle sauce, green capsicum & onion.
Classic tropical with sweet pineapple pieced and leg ham.

Based on 30 guests min

Choose (3) Regular Pizza’s $20        Choose (4) Regular Pizza $25 
Choose (3) Reg. Pizza + (2) Salads $30   Choose (3) Reg. Pizza’s + (2) Salads + (2) dessert Pizza’s. $35

Choices from any of the Regular Pizza & Salad Selection’s


Gourmet Menu

Pesto chicken with sliced onion, feta and fresh basil.
Marinara with assorted seafood, garlic & mint, served with lemon..
Tandoori with marinated chicken, corn spears, onion, sweet chilli and mint yoghurt.
Mediterranean with spiced lamb, onion/tomato salsa, garlic sauce..
Chorizo, olives, capsicums, sliced tomato and chilli topped with arugula.


Gourmet Dessert Pizza

Chocolate & Marshmellow
Strawberry & thick cream with fresh mint
Chocolate & banana with caramel sauce
Caramelised pears with cinnamon, vanilla mascarpone, crushed honey and cashew nuts.


Gourmet Salads

Caesar with baby coz/chunky croutons/parmesan/anchovies(opt)/crispy bacon & boiled egg
Mediterranean with mixed greens/tomatoes/onion/olives/cucumber/tarragon vinaigrette
Parmesan/rocket and smoked olive with basil oil
Tomato salsa with tomato peel/diced onion/torn basil/roasted garlic dressing

Based on 30 guests min.

Choose (3) Gourmet Pizza’s $25  Choose (4) Gourmet Pizza’s $30 Choose (3) Gourmet Pizza + 2 salads $35    

Choice’s from any of the Gourmet Pizza & Salad Selection’s.   Extra Salad’s @ $5 per guest.

Quantity Guide: Corporate Events Product Launches & Luncheons 2-3 items

Birthday Celebrations, Weddings and Dinners 3-4 items

Quality Napkins, serve ware & cutlery included.


Wood Fire Piadina Pizza Note: 9” Pizza’s come with tomato base and mozzarella cheese unless otherwise stipulated. Prices include one (1) chef (1)kitchen staff required to service the menu for up to 3 hours onsite. Extra service staff are not included and are charged at $25 per hour for a minimum three (3) hours only with service time fee(s) beyond this being negotiable. One (1) staff member per 30 guests. Wherever speeches/presentations apply, a 30 minute window is also allowed. Equipment hire is not included but can be arranged. Add $9.50 to any menu for (2) Dessert Pizza’s.