Seated Menu Entree Option’s

Risotto De Fungi with free-range chicken, blue cheese and mint pea puree
Nam chou salad with shredded beef, julienne capsicum, iceberg, spanish onion with

black sesame seed, coriander, mint and thai vinaigrette
Hot/spiced black lip mussels (Pt. Lincoln) with coconut and coriander pesto.
Roasted pumpkin soup with fried sage, danish feta and sweet chilli!

Seared Prawns with lemony myrtle/chilli/coconut rub and soba noodles.
Seared calamari with butter green salad, 5 spiced chilli salt, palm sugar/lime dressing!

Seafood bouillabaisse with rouille and garlic croutons
Oyster’s wakame, with miso/diced pepper, seaweed salad & spicy dressing

Madras beef curry (mild)  served with pappadum & riatia
Salt’n’Pepper squid with asian greens and coriander/lime dipper!

Thai fish cakes with arugula and lemon aioli


Seated Menu Main Fare Option’s

Twice cooked pork belly with smoked salt crackling on seed mustard cabbage salad & fontina cake, served with apple syrup/sauce..
Oven roasted eye fillet beef with steamed vegetable nest, fontina cake & Marchand De Vin sauce..
Pan fried chicken breast with sautéed spinach, fontina cake & mustard rosemary sauce..

Oven baked barramundi with olive tapenade, sautéed spinach & salted roasted baby potato’s & mediterranean salad nest
Rock lobster tagliatelle with fennel and truffle oil

Roasted Chicken breast with Persillade (herbed breadcrumbs), baby carrots, roasted shallots, fontina cake and mustard butter sauce!
Herb crusted lamb rack with steamed vegetable nest, fontina cake & bordelaise sauce!

Piri Piri chicken with cucumber/tomato/onion salsa, roasted potato wedges minted yoghurt
Pan fried snapper with a war, chickpea/caper and pickled lemon salad

Warm Peking duck with western wakame salad, watercress and citrus dressing
Moroccan spiced lamb with almond flaked cous cous and mint yoghurt chutney

Beef fillet (msa) with fontina cake, steamed vegetable nest and rich bordelaise sauce.


Seated Menu Dessert Option’s

Black rice pudding with caramelised pears..
Cheeseboard including assorted cheeses, meats, muscatel & beetroot relish served with crisp tarini rings..
Sparkling strawberry terrine with strawberry coulis..
White chocolate panna cotta with rosewater syrup..

Classic chocolate mousse with crushed pistachio..!
Baked lemon curd tart with fresh double cream!

 Choose (1) Main/Dessert $40    Choose (1) Entree/Main $45    Choose (1) Entree/Main/Dessert $55
Choose (1) Entree + (2) Alternate Drop Mains + (1) Dessert $60
Choose (1) Entree + (2) Alternate Drop Mains ‘served as shared platters $65 + (1) Dessert  

Choices from any of the Seated Menu Options selection’s based on 30 guest min.

Extra’s: Choose (3) canapé options (45mins) @ $10.00 per guest.

Extra course as ‘double drop’ @ $5 per guest OR Platter (1) @ $5 per guest


Seated Menu Notes: All prices include dinner rolls and garden salad to the tables. If you require hire items including tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery, glassware & linen then we will gladly forward through a quote. Prices include one (1) chef (1) kitchen staff required to service the menu for up to 3 hours onsite. Extra service staff are not included and are charged at $25 per hour for a minimum three (3) hours only with service time fee(s) beyond this being negotiable.