Spit Roast Carvery Option’s

Budget Option’s

Spiced beef  & seasoned chicken +

Classic Mediterranean Salad  +   Coleslaw & Potato Salad (choose two salad’s)    + roast potatoes +    steamed beans and baton carrots

Based on 30 guests min.

$27  (50-80 Guests)        $25  (81-100 Guests)        $23  (101-200+ guest’s)

Choices from any of the Budget Spit Roast selection’s

Served with dinner rolls/butter sachets. Quality, disposable napkins, serve ware & cutlery inc.

Spit Roast Carvery

 (meat’s choose two)

Prime beef with mustard crust!
Boned, leg of lamb with garlic studs and mint jelly..
Pork with crispy crackling, classic apple sauce and fig syrup!
Moroccan spiced chicken, roasted till golden brown
Turkey breast with delicious cranberry sauce!

(salad’s choose two)

Classic Mediterranean with smoked olives/white onion/teardrop tomatoes/cucumber/feta & tarragon vinaigrette
Thaislaw with thin sliced white/red cabbage/capsicum/spanish onion & julienne carrot with sweet chilli/thai mayo!
Potato salad with cashews (optional) spring onion/english spinach & seeded mustard dressing
Smoked beetroot with walnut/feta/fried shallots and sweet pickle mustard dressing
Tabouli with parsley/diced tomato/tomato/burghul and mint


(roasted vegetables choose two)

Steamed Broccoli/flaked almond/chilli & herb butter
Steamed Baton Carrots with herb butter and roasted salted cashews (optional)
Vegetable al-forno with roasted capsicum/zucchini & Tuscan onion
Creamy Potato Or Fennel Gratin with caramelised onion & gruyere
Roasted potatoes with basil pesto & teardrop tomatoes

(Desserts choose two)

White chocolate and vanilla mouse with raspberry topping!
Assorted pastries including cocktail fruit salad/vanilla slice and canoli
Mango & coconut mousse with sweet pastry base and mango coulis.
Chocolate mudcake with chocolate anglaise
Hot apple pie and fresh cream

Based on 30 guests min.

$29  (50-80 Guests)        $27  (81-100 Guests)        $25  (101-200+ guest’s)

Choices from any of the Spit Roast Carvery selection’s

Served with dinner rolls & Condiments. Quality, disposable napkins, serve ware & cutlery inc.


Spit Roast Note: Extra meat’s/Salad’s or Dessert’s are charged at $5 per guest. Service staff for up to 3 hours onsite is included. Additional service staff are charged at $25 per hour. One (1) staff member per 40 guests. Service time is for a minimum three (3) hours only with service time fee(s) beyond this being negotiable. If you require the spit rotisserie and chef on site for a full 6 hours then please add $500 for labour, set-up/break-down. Choose Two (2) Cocktail food’s OR one (1) Platter choice OR two (2) cheesecake portions at $10 extra per guest if accompanied with any roast menu.